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What Is LIR Collage of Dance

LIR College of Dance is India’s first Dance College has been opened at National & International Level for students.

Here we come up better advanced Dance skills for our students. LIR Dance College will develop a foundation in the skills of technique, strength, flexibility,alignment, endurance, coordination and performance qualities ( focus,confident, artistic intent). They will have the opportunity to explore various genres of movement as well as incorporate the elements of dance ( time,space, energy and meaning ) to create their own movement vocabulary.


Commitment ~ Inspiration ~ Dedication ~ Values

LIR COLLEGE OF DANCE is committed to encouraging all dancers to strive for excellence and enjoy the journey along the way. We believe each dancer has the ability to increase her/his physical, emotional, and intellectual well-being through our dance program. Our goal is to provide quality dance instruction through caring, professional instructors in a friendly, family-oriented atmosphere. LIR COLLEGE OF DANCE promotes strong self-confidence, self-respect, discipline, and appreciation through the fine arts of dance. We inspire every dancer to find the creativity inside her/him as "we dance to tell a story" each year.

LIR COLLEGE OF DANCE is dedicated to our studio families to ensure you are kept well-informed of the progress of each dancer. We believe open communication and encouragement both at home and within the dance studio will promote a stronger self-worth within each child. We are strong believers that "Children Learn What They Live" and strive towards promoting the same commitment to our studio families as we do to our dancers. The success of each dancer is a result of great teamwork between the dance studio and our dance studio families.


If you build it…They will dance!

LIR COLLEGE OF DANCE short-term vision is to expand our fine arts programs based on our community’s continue interest in dance, theatre, and physical fitness. Our vision is determined through the eyes of our dancers. WE plan to take our program as far as our dancers can dream.

LIR COLLEGE OF DANCE long-term vision is to inspire our community with non-competitive dance education and offer many performance opportunities in a facility that will motivate, educate, and develop an appreciation of the fine arts. WE will build a facility where dancing dreams are shared throughout our community. It is through our mission and vision that Dance Unlimited will create "change" in our world's future through our dancers. WE will strive for excellence and accept only positive thinking.


Dance Unlimited..."Where Dancing Dreams Come True!"

  • We have many more branches across the country.
  • Scholarships will available upto 100% from Dance Federation Of India(DFOI).
  • Food & Stay available in selected branches across country.
  • Students can be participating in Holiday camps organised by Dance Federation Of India (DFOI).
  • Access amazing National & International Dance Events.
  • Access over 100 Dance teachers for a range of age, style, and culturalevents.
  • Be a part of National & International Dance College of chain.